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Künstler-Profil von Djulien Ferrantes

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  • Allgemeine Angaben

    Stefan Reh
    12459 Berlin

    Künstler Angaben

    Djulien Ferrantes
    Künstler seit
    Minimal, Techno, Experimental
    Angemeldet seit
    10.05.2010 20:15
    was born at 03.06.1981 in Rostock/Germany where he also lift some years when he got an adult. But he was grown up in little sweet village named Kuhlrade which only has 300 inhabitants. Already at an age of 12 he took stock in spinning records. His first beginnings with it followed in the little club house of the village. He developed and developed. 3 years later he got his first own record players but much time went by till the whole equipment was complete. But what means complete? Also today you will always find new staff in the studio. Now music: His favoured music is techno all types but he doesn’t lock for other because “inspiration for new is in all tone yes also the calm it self”. At the very beginning he was impressed by artists like Chris Liebing, Jeff Miles, Adam Beyer, Robert Natus. At this time he visited the MAU Club in Rostock regularly because there was a Dj workshop every Wednesday. There he gets in touch with Robert Voigt who was not very amused by his style of techno. So his taste of music changed and he got a little smooth. Now he liked and likes already artists like Monika Kruse, James Holden, Richie Hawtin, Extrawelt, Oliver Koletzki, Dominik Eulberg, Paul Kalkbrenner, Ellen Allien und Jeff Samuel. At this time he already lived in Rostock and he also began producing of own music. In compilation with Jan Phonic and Maik Klaut he established the Dj crew “Hals über Kopf” and many gigs followed in clubs like, JAZ, U-Werk, Escobar, Trafo, Kita und dem M.A.U. Club. During this time he gets in touch with many people. Some still stay but the most…. who knew. The most important acquaintanceship was Stefanie Wolff who worked at the bar in JAZ. Because the crew brook down Stefan began to produce his first album. For this he asked Steffi for vocals and so the story began. They established the band „Amy and Dju“. But before the first album gets ready there was enough to do for gigs already like Fusion 2008. Steffi and Stefan fell in love with each other and they still together and married in October 2011 too. In October 2009 they moved to Berlin so that Steffi could study. In the new flat also was a place for an own studio so that the producing of the first album could go on. Quick they get in touch with the right sort of people and got into the crowed. Some gigs started in Fate Club and they also procure a wagon for Fuckparade in Berlin in compilation with the crew of Daxters Labor. Fist year of it was August 2009 and till that time they don’t fail any parade. Also a afterparty for the parade which is not right legal belongs to it. In September 2009 the first album „elektric neighbour“was finished. You already can download by Jamendo like all other. But now you also can find it at the side of mnblck.com. This is a little net label from Rostock and of course friends of them. The first album was presented in the Fate Club as live act. But unfortunately this was the first and the last time the make live. All other albums are only studio versions. But don’t by sad. Like you can see Djulien tries again with a new partner and it will be getting great. He and Franziska Scholz are really hardworking to get ready until the 15. December 2011. At this date the first gig of room 13B will start in “Freudenzimmer”


Djulien Ferrantes